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The problem of die casting parts manufacturing industry in China
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    China's die casting parts manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, has formed a certain market size, but at the same time, the industry also exist some problems to be solved, the specific issues are as follows:
    One, it is not formed a strong brand. At present, foreign companies have to shift the focus to high-end products, low-end products in foreign OEM production. They have the advantage of network marketing, brand, technology, production management. And our nation's products are generally through the OEM production sold abroad, truly belongs to own brand less, in a foreign country nor its own sales network. The product difference is very small in the technology and the performance, so only in the price competition, the results of the competition is to make the product margins continue to shrink, among them, the advantage companies mainly rely on economies of scale and the share of customer resources.
    Two, the scientific research strength is not mature. The development of domestic die casting machine is mostly used in the application. Domestic manufacturers to develop products equivalent to drawing. A series of factors leading to the formation of the die casting parts manufacturer in China is difficult to form their own technological advantages.
    Three, the defect in management. China in recent years, there are some units in the planning and production, such as the purchase of die casting machine, such as the existence of the blind, some of the deceived, some neglect of the quality and price ratio. Some of the tender companies to find some though the die casting machine, but the machine and the market is not very understanding of the people to do the judges, plus other reasons, making the tender has not played its role.

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